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Vitamin B6: Poorest Foods (per portion)

Vitamin B6 acts in protein metabolism.
Vitamin B6 enhances Magnesium absorption.
Riboflavin enhances Vitamin B6 use.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Vitamin B6 Rich Foods
0%0mgvinegar (15ml)
0%0mgsalt, table (1g)
0%0mgalcoholic, liqueur, crème de menthe (36% alcoh... (45ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, rum (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, vodka (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgclub soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgcarbonate drinks, lemon-lime soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgorange soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgtea, brewed (175ml)
0%0mgtea, brewed, herb (175ml)
0%0mgperrier (500ml)
0%0mgcola (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgcola with aspartame (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgcappucino (175ml)
0%0mgmocha coffee (175ml)
0%0mgwater, municipal (500ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, gin (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mggoat (100g)
0%0mgcookie, chocolate sandwich, cream filled, regular (30g)
0%0mganimal fat, beef tallow (10g)
0%0mgwheat germ oil (10ml)
0%0mgpeanut oil (10ml)
0%0mgsoybean oil (10ml)
0%0mgcoconut oil (10ml)
0%0mgolive oil (10ml)
0%0mgcandies, chewing gum (3g)
0%0mgpalm oil (10ml)
0%0mgsesame oil (10ml)
0%0mghomemade french salad dressing (30ml)
0%0mgdessert, frozen, ices, water, fruit, with aspar... (75ml)
0%0mgsalad dressing (30ml)
0%0mgsunflower oil (10ml)
0%0mgsweets, sugars, icing (powdered) (4g)
0%0mggrapeseed oil (10ml)
0%0mgcorn oil (10ml)
0%0mganimal fat, mutton tallow (10g)
0%0mgwalnut oil (10ml)
0%0mgcandied foods, citron (30g)
0%0mgcandied foods, grapefruit peel (30g)
0%0mgcandied foods, orange peel (30g)
0%0mggrains, cornstarch (10g)
0%0mghazelnut oil (10ml)
0%0mganimal fat, duck (10g)
0%0mgavocado oil (10ml)
0%0mgcanola oil (10ml)
0%0mganimal fat, lard (pork) (10g)
0%0mgdecaffeinated cola (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgdecaffeinated coffee (175ml)
0%0mgfrench salad dressing (30ml)
0%0mgcandied fruit (30g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin B6 Rich Foods
80%1mgalbacore tuna (100g)
78%1mgbeef liver (100g)
73%0.95mglamb liver (100g)
73%0.94mgwild salmon (100g)
71%0.93mgpheasant leg (125g)
66%0.85mgemu (100g)
58%0.75mgquail (125g)
53%0.69mghearts of palm (85g)
50%0.65mgostrich (125g)
50%0.65mgoctopus (100g)
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