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Vitamin B6: Richest Foods (per 100g)

Vitamin B6 acts in protein metabolism.
Vitamin B6 enhances Magnesium absorption.
Riboflavin enhances Vitamin B6 use.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Vitamin B6 Rich Foods
309%4mgspices, paprika (100g)
282%3.7mgchili powder (100g)
207%2.7mgspices, sage, ground (100g)
198%2.6mgspices, spearmint, dried (100g)
188%2.5mgspices, pepper, red or cyenne (100g)
185%2.4mgspices, tarragon, dried (100g)
178%2.3mgspices, basil, dried (100g)
154%2mgchives, freeze-dried (100g)
139%1.8mgspices, savory, ground (100g)
138%1.8mgspices, turmeric, ground (100g)
134%1.7mgspices, bay leaf (100g)
134%1.7mgspices, rosemary, dried (100g)
132%1.7mgspices, dill weed, dried (100g)
129%1.7mgshallot, freeze-dried (100g)
127%1.7mgspices, garlic powder (100g)
106%1.4mgparsley, freeze-dried (100g)
103%1.3mgsunflower seed kernels (100g)
100%1.3mgwheat bran (100g)
98%1.3mgpistachio (100g)
95%1.2mggarlic, raw (100g)
92%1.2mgspices, marjoram, dried (100g)
88%1.2mgspices, curry powder (100g)
80%1mgspices, oregano, ground (100g)
80%1mgalbacore tuna (100g)
78%1mgbeef liver (100g)
78%1mgspices, saffron (100g)
77%1mgspices, parsley, dried (100g)
76%0.99mgdried dulse (100g)
74%0.97mgdried shiitake (100g)
73%0.95mglamb liver (100g)
73%0.94mgwild salmon (100g)
72%0.94mgkellogg's bran flakes (100g)
72%0.93mgspices, chervil, dried (100g)
69%0.89mgveal liver (100g)
68%0.89mgspices, celery seed (100g)
66%0.86mgdried and salted scrod (100g)
66%0.85mgemu (100g)
65%0.84mgground ginger (100g)
63%0.82mgcandied ginger root (100g)
62%0.81mgred hot chili pepper (100g)
62%0.81mghearts of palm (100g)
62%0.81mgtoasted sunflower seed kernels (100g)
62%0.8mgtoasted sesame seeds (100g)
61%0.79mgsesame seeds (100g)
57%0.75mgprune, dehydrated (low moisture), uncooked (100g)
57%0.74mgpheasant leg (100g)
57%0.74mgbrown rice flour (100g)
55%0.72mgspices, onion powder (100g)
52%0.67mgsweets, molasses (100g)
50%0.65mgspices, anise seeds (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin B6 Rich Foods
80%1mgalbacore tuna (100g)
78%1mgbeef liver (100g)
73%0.95mglamb liver (100g)
73%0.94mgwild salmon (100g)
71%0.93mgpheasant leg (125g)
66%0.85mgemu (100g)
58%0.75mgquail (125g)
53%0.69mghearts of palm (85g)
50%0.65mgostrich (125g)
50%0.65mgoctopus (100g)
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